"Sometimes it’s okay to lose control of
your drawing"
Ava Parker

"If you make a mistake, you can just fix it with a bunch more lines"
Sivan Koen

"You can make clear and concise images with only a few pencil strokes."
Marco Salimbeni

"Look beyond self expectation."
Devin Fink
"When focusing on how the final product will turn out, one can be reluctant to let go of their regular approach to making art. But art, in essence, is not the finished product but the process of doing, exploring and interacting with materials in an ongoing flowing fashion."
Megan Lam
"Relax and do not get fixated on the details of the drawings, and instead try to observe and draw the general shapes you see. "
Indra Hernandez​​​​​
"To form clay you need to make your own, spin it, beat it, and then throw it. Manipulating nature for our own pleasure. "
Sophie Frenk

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